Goose Control Options

Having unwanted guests on your property can be a real nuisance. We’re talking geese here, not your mother-in-law! Geese can wreak havoc on your lawn, leave behind unsightly “landmines” and, more importantly, have a negative impact on your pond. One of the standard pond management protocols should be to keep geese out of your pond. The ‘why’ behind this recommendation is twofold: 1) a single goose will poop about three pounds/day – a source of phosphorous (main food source for algae); and 2) geese can bring invasive plants, and undesirable fish species, to your pond. Because of these facts, we have come up with a list of ways to keep geese off of your property.

  1. Lead – Enough said. Geese can be scared off with loud noises. During goose hunting season, all is fair in love and war!

  2. Goose light – Solar-powered flashing light that is scarcely noticeable to humans, but is very disruptive to roosting geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights.

    Away with Geese (Click Here) or Geese-deterrent System (Click Here)

  3. Dog chasing/harassment – Geese are protective of their territory. So, if you have a dog, or know someone with a dog, (we mean a real dog not an ankle bitter) geese usually move to another site fairly quickly if the dog chases them. If not, there are trained geese chasing border collies. Border collies are perceived as a natural predator and their constant presence will force the geese to look for another site.

    Dog Service Program (Click Here)

  4. Goose D-Fence – Geese require easy access to food and water. Goose D-Fence can disrupt access and the geese will move on to other sites with easier access.

    Goose D-Fence (Click Here)

  5. Flight Control Plus – Chemical application applied to turf to deter geese from grazing. The chemical disturbs the stomach of the geese. They are then motivated to move where the grass is greener.

    Flight Control Plus (Click Here)

  6. Decoys – 3-D predator decoys offer a safe, humane, and efficient solution for geese control. In order for the decoys to work, you will have to move them on a regular basis.

    Gempler's Decoys (Click Here)