The Pond People® Pond Services

Proactive Pond Management Analysis

  • Prescription fee – starting at $690; includes written report based on the following:
  1. Water chemistry
    1. Visual observation
    2. On-site analysis
    3. Lab samples
  2. Hydrology survey
    1. Client survey
    2. On-site analysis
    3. Depth readings
  3. Quantitative analysis
    1. Client survey
    2. GPS
    3. On-site analysis
    4. Plant identification
    5. Substrate condition and lab analysis

Proactive Pond Management

Investment – Dependent upon written report recommendations

  1. Products: sale and service of all products and systems necessary to proactively manage your pond
  2. Fishery: fish management including stocking, habitat recommendations, and stocking recommendations

Pond Construction and Facelift Consultations

Fee – Dependent upon scope of project