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Pond Data


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Pond Facts

How many months is the pond covered with ice?
Year pond was built?
Is the pond lined with a commercial liner?
Does the pond have a clay bottom?
If No, what is the bottom composed of?
What is the depth of the sludge/muck in the bottom of the pond (in inches)?
What is the main source of the water?
Is there an overflow or outlet?
If Yes, how often does water leave the overflow/outlet?
Comments about specific problems
you are experiencing:

Pond Equipment

Are you using any type of filtration system?
Do you have an aerator in the pond?
If Yes, how many?
If Yes, is it at or below the water surface?
If Yes, how many months, per year, do you operate the aerator(s)?
Do you have a decorative fountain in the pond?
Is electricity at or near the pond?
If No, what is the distance to the nearest electrical source (in feet)?

Outside the Pond

Is there a buffer zone/natural vegetation around the pond?
Is there a berm around any portion of the pond?
If Yes, what percentage of the pond has a berm at its shoreline?
Do you have a beach?
Is there erosion of the shoreline?
Is there runoff into the pond?
Is there debris (leaves, grass clippings) entering the pond?
Are there trees near the pond?
If Yes, what type?
Is there a boat access point on the pond?
We clean our boat / equipment after each
site visit. Do you have an outside water
faucet available for our use?

Water Quality

Has a water chemistry analysis previously been completed?
If a water chemistry analysis was performed, are the results available?
Is the water clear?
What is the approximate depth that you can see clearly into the pond (in feet)?
Has the water ever had a foul odor?
If Yes, how often?
Do you have a well on your property?
If you do have a well, what is the name of the company that you use to service your well?
If you do have a well, what is the phone number of the company that you use to service your well?
Example: 1234567890

Plants / Algae

Are there filamentous/string algae?
Are there planktonic algae (green water)?
Does the surface ever become covered with algae?
What other aquatic vegetation is in the pond?
Is the vegetation excessive?


Are there fish in the pond?
If Yes, what types?
If Yes, approximately how many?
If Yes, are they healthy?
Do you feed the fish?
If Yes, what type of food?
Do the fish have adequate habitat?
Do you desire to change your fish situation?

Prior Treatments

Describe the history of prior treatments of the pond:
What specific products were used?

Priorities (1 is low, 10 is high)

Clear Water
Attract wildlife
Landscape value/beauty


What is your current, annual
pond maintenance budget?


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