Technical Testimonials

“I have been associated with The Pond People for over a decade and can honestly say I’ve never met a company more dedicated to their craft! Their proactive approach to pond management, and relentless attention to detail, are what sets them apart from everyone else. The prescription service marries the solution to the underlying cause of the problem, incorporates state of the art technology and sets clearly defined expectations for their clients. All of this is accomplished by Scott and his team while offering a ‘natural solution to traditional chemical programs’! Look no further………….”

Bob Knaub, President
Polyorganic Technologies

“I recently purchased a property with a 2+ acre pond. I wanted my children to be able to use the pond for swimming and fishing. Since the intention of the pond was for the use of my children, I had the pond water extensively tested using advanced microbiologic and chemical detection methods. I have a science background and, as such, knew exactly what tests I wanted performed. The test results showed no chemical contamination for any of the analytes tested. Microbiology testing showed very low and safe levels of coliform bacteria (bad bacteria) and very high levels of non-coliform bacteria (good bacteria). At the time, it was surprising to me that this pond would naturally have such high levels of good bacteria. It was like my pond was on a pro-biotic! I didn’t know that the previous owner of the property had been using The Pond People to manage the pond for years. I later found that under The Pond People management, not only had the water quality improved to such an outstanding level, but the bottom “muck” had also been reduced from 18” to 6” in 4 years. The pond is beautiful, healthy, and is a significant asset to the property. We intend to continue to utilize The Pond People for management of the pond and look forward to enjoying the pond for years to come. Great job Pond People!”

Brian DuChateau, Ph.D., D(ABMLI)